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Service 2-Solo Concert with Violine, Viola and Viola d`amore

I grew up in Siberia; when I was 25 years old, I graduated from the Conservatory in Krasnoyarsk . I did ma post-graduate training at the Gnessin Academy in Moscow and worked as a soloist in the ensemble " Academy for Ancient Music of the Moscow Philharmonic.Since 1992 I have been extending my knowledge of Baroque music at Europa ^s most famous centre Baroque music: the Schola Cantorum Basillensis in Basel.I am a member of the symphony orchestra Collegium Musikum Basel and the head of " Musikinseln"

" The Nordic Baroque Festival, is to certify, that Anna Merkulova is an extremely talented violinist....Ingrid Seifert;

Class Pehrsson

Jakob Lindberg

Charles Medlam

Lars Ulrik Mortensen"

Service 3- Conductor

Conductor Zopforchester Basel, in Russia.